Integrated Security Systems

As independent specialists in their field, our personnel have extensive experience of threat led physical security in Public and Private sectors, Residential and commercial premises and protection of Critical National Infrastructure.

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Security Risk Management

As specialist risk advisors we assist clients in understanding risk and support them to continue their life safely and securely irrespective of the location. The solutions produced are holistic in approach, multi layered and integrated maximising assurance and integrity to reduce overall risk and achieve a return upon investment.

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Security Investigations

No one likes it when things go wrong, so we provide experienced security auditors and investigators to identify the key weaknesses and look at the solution from a holistic security approach to give the client a range of solutions that ensure the immediate problem is resolved but also any contributing factors are mitigated against to enable a return of investment in remedial measures by the client

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Executive Security

A discrete and confidential security service consultancy offering senior operational security risk and audit management skills from highly experienced former UK Government, Military and specialist trained personnel experienced in Corporate, Government, Utilities, Energy, transportation and services sector environments working with individuals and corporate bodies to provide a ‘One Stop Solution’ to ensure appropriate preventative measures, based upon a Threat led risk management approach to deliver a structured capability helping individuals or managers achieve their Security objectives.

We assist Senior Management or ‘at risk persons’ with a unique blend of Executive Security’s military, law enforcement and subject specialist resources providing professional support to clients with quality advice and guidance to identify relevant threats, confirm their requirements, assess vulnerabilities by security audit and to implement their security strategies using coordinated and effective integrated security policies, procedures and protective measures underpinned by technological solutions to provide confidence, reassurance and resilience, aiding them to understand risks and maintain their business irrespective of their location.

We act as the Client’s specialist advisor to assist with the design, tendering, installation and commissioning of procedures, practices and security systems for security enhancement projects or new builds.

We can advise special individuals or corporate clients of specific Threats and provide bespoke solutions for High Security environments to achieve their protection with safeguards and measures without being in an oppressive environment.

Having a vast experience of critical infrastructure protection, personnel protection, information management and Government secure environments we offer assistance with the ground preparation work to enable clients achieve specific high level security requirements.

Strategic Partners

To provide a complete holistic security capability we work in collaboration with the following highly experienced specialist partner companies along with other proven companies to provide specialised security services.

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