Our Experience

Our extensive experience includes:

Security of large complexes including:

  • Data storage sites
  • Communication Sites
  • Control centres
  • Ports
  • Administration and training HQ
  • Living Complexes and compounds
  • Special high security facilities and storage sites
  • At risk personal residences and business premises
  • Policy, procedure and physical protection for information and high value asset protection.
  • Advice and assistances for commercial companies engaging in UK government contracts.
  • Executive personnel and High Risk person protection management.
  • Instruction and training in security and intelligence disciplines.
  • Strategic and Regional information collection, analysis and intelligence dissemination.
  • Compliance and due diligence audits of commercial premises in support of client threat analysis, acquisition or internal compliance
  • Security breach investigation and remedial action.
  • Security advice for ecclesiastic premises for protection of high value assets and corporate events.

Working alongside strategic partners and other partner organisations we have also provided support for:

  • Advice and informed opinion on security matters requiring specialist security advisor guidance regarding information protection.
  • Provision of business continuity audits and assessments in support of corporate enterprise due diligence processes.
  • Provision of initial security assessments and indicative costs for project viability assessments.
  • Detailed protection assessments for high net worth and at risk executive clients.
  • Premises security audits for compliance with mandatory minimum standards.
  • Vehicle Mitigation assessment and designs to UK PAS 68 as part of an overall security design.
  • Review and recommendations for an enterprise counter competitive intelligence activity.

Strategic Partners

To provide a complete holistic security capability we work in collaboration with the following highly experienced specialist partner companies along with other proven companies to provide specialised security services.

We recommend you contact them direct or we can provide a single capability with ourselves acting as your main point of contact for an holistic integrated security approach.

AKD Services Ltd

AKD Services adopts a strategic approach to the fraud risks faced by your organisation and works in collaboration with your management and employees to counter fraud and corruption risks within normal business processes.


Tel: 02030 540020

Diverse Strategies

Diverse Strategies is an autonomous company working worldwide to create and implement Critical Incident Management structures. With specialist skills in critical incident management from Terrorist and Extremist attacks through to ‘crimes in action’ of kidnap and extortion and covert investigative activity in the UK and abroad.


Tel: 0161 341 0659

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